The course of fisheries as per week 50/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The weather has played a central role in fisheries last week

Atlanto Scandic herring
For the Atlanto Scandic herring, the season is close to be ended, just 2 730 MT were registered last week. Apart from one catch, all catches were taken by the coastal fleet. One catch was made by a trawler in the Norwegian Sea; the catch was sold for meal& oil.

North Sea herring
Four catches by trawl from an area south of Shetland; altogether 350 MT. The operations have partly been hampered by bad weather.

Horse mackerel
Four catches from coastal vessels, altogether 41 MT, and seven penned-in catches altogether 102 MT were what last week came out with. Average weight; between 450- 500 g. The catches were taken in an area from Rogaland to North Møre Counties.

Ocean sprat
Two catches (from three vessels in operation) were registered. One catch of 160 MT delivered to King Oscar (canning), and another - 110 MT – delivered for indirect consumption.  Also, for these operations the weather has been a challenge.

Coastal sprat
Two catches have been penned-in from the Sogne Fjord; altogether 30 MT delivered for canning, while one catch from the Oslo Fjord (20 MT) was delivered in Sweden.

Indirect consumption
In addition to above mentioned catches, it was registered 180 MT of Norway pout and 50 MT of blue whiting delivered for indirect consumption.

Finally, we use the opportunity to wish all our readers of the “Course of Fisheries” a Very Merry Christmas!

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