The course of fisheries as per week 7/2018

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

A very good weekend for capelin fishery out of Iceland

Atlanto Scandic herring
A relatively good week for the Atlanto Scandic herring with 24.300 MT registered. This is at the same level as the best weeks previously this winter. Coastal vessels are in majority at the field, and 64 coastal vessels have got as much as 21.900 MT.
Three Irish vessels contributed with 1.200 MT among trawlers, three vessels caught some 500 MT and 700 MT from a purse seiner.
It is at Møre and especially at Buagrunnen, the activity has been performed last week. Periodically a lot of herring has been observed but is difficult to get as it stays deep and escapes the nets.
The size is in the range from 300-384 g, with an average at 356g. As the herring now is in the spawning area near Møre, the buyers report that some of the herring already has been spawning. This is quite normal, and more herring is expected to join in from north, being more “firm”.
Several buyers have closed their season for herring production. Thus, it was challenging to have more herring than capacities could take care of during the weekend. This can be an increasing challenge when more plants are closing, and the catching still is high.

After week of harsh weather and small catches, last week proved far better with as much as 43.200 MT registered. Of this volume, 38.300 MT were caught during the weekend. The catching during the first part of the week, has been performed in an area north and east of Langanes in windy weather. As weather improved during the second half of the week, the fleet came together just north of Iceland and not far from shore. As we got a new moon, the capelin came together, and several good sweeps were made. Several registrations were made, and vessels waiting, got the chance to join fishing.
The capelin being caught north of Iceland, has a high level of stomach content. Thus, the capelin has mainly been delivered for meal&oil purposes, both in Norway and Iceland.
Two catches with less stomach content, were sold for consumption purposes to Norwegian buyers and will be delivered to day (on Monday).
Following the good catching during the last couple of days, the total volume being caught, has now reached 61.700 MT with a remaining part of just 12.000 MT. On Sunday night, it was 11 vessels still not having finished, and hopefully the very last part of the quotas, will, be taken in a day or two. The 22nd of February the possibility expires.

The Barents Sea
From this area, “Vikingbank” got two catches last week, totaling 1.450 MT. The capelin is found far west, and the first catch was taken in the southwestern part of the North Cape Bank. The last catch on Sunday, was taken as close a just 6 n.m. northwest of Hjelmsøy island.
The capelin is by smaller size than seen at Iceland, and the first catch was sold for meal&oil. The capelin closer to shore, is of better size and mixed was 50 pcs/kg. – sold for consumption purposes and delivery on Monday. The stomach content is reported to be low.
A couple of additional vessels have been in the area with no success. In the forthcoming week, more vessels are expected to join.

Blue whiting
In the blue whiting fishery, we have got one catch from “Endre Dyrøy” taken at the north side of the Porcupine Bank. Sunday night, three boats were operating in this area.
From international waters, there is no registrations, but three vessels have during the weekend been operating with good results just outside the 200 n.m. borderline. These vessels are as far south as 50⁰ N, the same latitude as the southern part of England. More vessels having finished their capelin season, will shortly join the operations west of Ireland.

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