The course of fisheries as per week 8/2019

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Towards the end of this winter’s season for herring, half of last week “blew away”. Also, the blue whiting fleet experienced lack of any “help” by weather last week.

Atlanto Scandic herring
The outcome of last week was close to 19 500 MT when it comes to Atlanto Scandic herring, shared on 81 different catches. 47 coastal vessels have caught 16 500 MT, 4 purse seiners have taken 2 000 MT and 3 trawlers registered 1 000 MT. As said already, the herring has stayed at the traditional spawning field “Buagrunnen” up till last weekend, where also the catching has taken place. The size has varied from 340 – 378 g with a balanced average at 361 g.
The herring is now so far in its spawning process that in most catches the roe is being visible. Thus, the herring is of no further interest to be produced by some of the plants. - These plants have stopped further buying. As per now, five plants from Værøy to Florø are still in production.
As already mentioned, the weather has been harsh several days during last week. This led to difficulties when keeping an eye on further development; will more herring “arrive” or will some of the herring choose alternative areas. So far, we have no indications on herring being further south towards Svinøy/Runde islands.
In the forthcoming week, we expect the herring at “Buagrunnen” to leave, meaning that operations here will cease.

Blue whiting
Also, vessels on blue whiting fisheries have been hampered by weather. As a total, 14 500 MT were registered. This volume was taken by 10 different vessels and some 6 000 MT were caught in international waters.
It is not before up till now that the participation has been high in this fishery, as many vessels have been waiting for the Icelandic capelin before heading west. On Sunday, 11 vessels were in operation in international waters just north of 50⁰ N and further north to 53⁰ N. In addition, some ten vessels were in operation in EU waters as far south as towards 52⁰ 30’ N.
On buyers’ side, plants from Killybegs to Norway – and at Iceland, have been receiving raw material. The new plant in Egersund, “Prima Protein”, got its very first catch delivered last week.
In the forthcoming week, we expect high activity in the fishery, - subject to weather condition. From Killybegs it is reported an interest for blue whiting to consumption purposes, but the price is lower than what is being paid for meal&oil purposes.

Horse mackerel
Just four catches have been taken of horse mackerel last week, altogether 60 MT. Three of the catches were taken near Florø, - and one in Rogaland (Vindafjord).

Other businesses
Finally, it was concluded that there will be no capelin season at Iceland this winter, at least not for any Norwegian vessels. On Friday the survey of “Roaldsen” was over and no capelin found in any significant magnitude. What was latest observed, was some smaller capelin north of the “Saga Island”.

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