The course of Fishery as per week 36/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A “slow” start for mackerel and high sea vessels, - better for coastal vessels. Still some North Sea herring, - and five Norwegian vessels have now fulfilled their quota for high sea sprat. 

On Wednesday the 6th of Sept., we got the first registration of mackerel from vessels operating high sea. Also, this year the vessel “Svanaug Elise” was the very first to report her catch of 550 MT. Later the same day, three more vessels reported their catches of altogether 1.845 MT. Three catches were taken in international waters, in the southern peak of the “Loop Sea”, while the forth catch was taken further east, in Norwegian zone.
Following these catches, the fleet was “in waiting”, but on Saturday some ten vessels set sail. All vessels having arrived at the field, have now made their catch reports, - eight catches, altogether 1.325 MT. The size varies from 385 to 427 g, and the activity has been in Norwegian zone just north of 64̊ N and 0̊. The vessels report of promising concentrations of fish observed.
On the coast, mackerel operations have as well seen good results. Some 560 MT are reported in the area from Sotra Island to Sandnes (town in Rogaland County) further south. In addition, some catches have been taken just south of Stad (Selje). The size of the mackerel at the coast; 180 – 350 g. The grand total last week reached 3.750 MT, including some by-catch.
In the forthcoming week, it is expected even more vessels to join, and hopefully there will be high activity.

North Sea herring
Again, a week of North Sea herring landings; 3.400 MT. It has been foreign vessels contributing to this fairly high volume, five catches totaling some 3.000 MT of herring from 218 – 230 g. Three catches were taken in the area near Fair Isle Bank northeast of the Orkneys, - the remaining two catches more direct north of the isles.
One Norwegian catch has been taken in Skagerrak (300 MT). By this, the Norwegian quota for purse seiner has been caught, and further catching terminated. The herring from these waters has been smaller; just 100 g as an average. At the coast of southern Hordaland County, 10 MT were penned-in, and the size; 250 g. There has also been some by-catches of herring in connection with trawling.

High sea sprat
Five Norwegian vessels have been at the field in the southern part of the North Sea chasing sprat. - 2.750 MT was the outcome, which means that all vessels got their share of 550 MT. The sprat has been registered from grid 41-23 and 41-34 and delivered for direct human consumption in Norway. In addition, it has been caught 1.000 MT by a Faroese vessel also sold to a Norwegian buyer. This catch as well, was taken in grid 41-34.

Indirect consumption / horse mackerel
Trawlers operating along the edge for indirect consumption, reported of some horse mackerel being mixed-in; totaling 650 MT last week. In addition, one catch of 60 MT (310 g) was delivered to be frozen.
Of other species, it was registered 1.370 MT of blue whiting and close to 450 MT of silver smelt. Still others; - just tiny volumes.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Close to 60 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring was registered last week. Some of it was mixed in mackerel catches.

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