The course of fishery as per week 38/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

In periods, high activity for the mackerel, some North Sea herring, - for indirect consumption normal activity, - and a main part of the coastal sprat quota taken in the Sognefjord. 

Close to 45.800 MT of mackerel were registered last week, and even if the daily volumes varied from 1.800 to more than 10.300 MT, the week was a very good week. For the open sea vessels, the operations have mainly been in three areas; in Norwegian sector, north of 66̊ N, then in the “Loop Sea” north of 65̊ N, and finally – also in Norwegian sector; between 63̊ N 30’ and 64̊ N 30’ at the borderline of the Faroese/EU zone. Following low activity on Saturday, the fleet on Sunday moved further southwest in Norwegian sector, just inside the borderline of the “Loop Sea” at 65̊ N 30’. In daytime, the fish is sticking deep, but later the fishing improved.

North Sea herring
It has been registered 980 MT of North Sea herring last week. The main part of this volume was taken in two trawl catches altogether 875 MT at the Fladen Ground. The size was between 190 - 205 g, and the catches were delivered in Norway for consumption purposes. In addition, it has been taken a few catches at the coast, mainly to be penned-in. The size at the coast varied from 230 – 280 g.
60 MT was bycatch for the industrial trawlers.

Horse mackerel
175 MT of horse mackerel have been registered for consumption purposes last week, while the volume for indirect consumption was 425 MT, - all taken by trawlers along “the edge”.

Coastal sprat
210 MT of coastal sprat were taken last week, 167 MT in the Sognefjord and 39 MT in Hardanger. In addition, a catch of 4 MT, - 60 pcs/kg, was taken in Sandnes/Rogaland. The sprat in Hardanger kept from 104 -112 pcs/kg, while from the Sognefjord the size was 101-124 pcs/kg. The producer, “King Oscar” started collecting the fish on Sunday.

Indirect consumption
Fishing for indirect consumption resulted in some 4.100 MT last week. Of this volume, some 1.900 MT was blue whiting, 750 MT Norway pout, 430 MT silver smelt/silver pout, 425 MT was horse mackerel, 550 ocean sprat and 60 MT was North Sea herring.

In the forthcoming week, high activity for the mackerel is expected.

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