The course of fishery as per week 39/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

High activity for the mackerel resulting in the best week this season. 

The good fishing for mackerel continued last week and we got another good week with as much as 46.200 MT registered. The best day was Tuesday with 11.500 MT, - in the lower end; Wednesday with 3.600 MT. During the weekend, it has been windy at the field and particularly the smaller vessels have returned to port.
The fact that registrations came from 132 different vessels, is a good indication of high activity with both small and larger catches from 870 to one MT. In addition, we have some 35-40 vessels trailing, but without any reporting. Of last week’s volume purse seiners had 37.100 MT, coastal vessels 8.600 MT and one trawler had 500 MT. - The trailers having a miserable season, reported just 250 MT last week.
The main activity has taken place in Norwegian waters in the Norwegian Sea from 65̊ N 50’ and further south on Sunday near 62̊ N 40’. This is an area stretching north-south over more than 190 n.m. The mackerel is moving southwards and in period by high speed. If this goes on, the mackerel will enter the North Sea shortly.
The size of the mackerel in this area has varied from 376 – 498 g. The average has been 448 g. and this is more than 50 g. above what was observed one year ago, when the average weight was 390 g. The catches from northern-most areas have had the best sized mackerel. - With better sized fish this year, the buyers hit a market challenge by receiving too much mackerel in the range 4-600 g.
Looking at status of quotas; close to 126.000 MT have been caught of a total of 234.472 MT. Of the purse seiners, just some twenty have been catching, and among bigger coastal vessels, 14 vessels have terminated their catching.
It is expected still high activity, - if the weather will be good, maybe giving a total volume as we saw last week.

North Sea herring
Three vessels have been catching in EU waters of the North Sea, resulting in 930 MT. In addition, it has been caught 100 MT at the coast, plus 70 MT as bycatch together with Norway pout/blue whiting.
The herring caught in the North Sea, had a size from 185-198 g. Modest volumes are expected in the week ahead of us.

Atlanto Scandic herring
One vessel; “Knester”, has after finishing the mackerel, been in the Norwegian Sea chasing Atlanto Scandic herring. In Norwegian zone and in the “Loop Sea”, no herring was observed and the vessel subsequently gave up.
From contacts in Iceland and the Faroe Isles, it is told that they are catching in their own waters, east of Iceland and northeast of the Faroe Isles. The last known position in Faroese waters was some 120 n.m. east of the borderline to Norwegian waters.*
Last year “Tabor’s” first registration was on the 13th of October.

Indirect consumption
Just small volumes reported last week; 1.300 MT of Norway pout, 800 MT of blue whiting, 370 MT of silver smelt and 350 MT of horse mackerel.
All catches except two catches of Norway pout, have been taken along the “edge” from west off Bergen and southwards.

Costal sprat
For costal sprat, there were two catches from Lærdal in Sogn (county) totaling 55 MT. There were good observations in the Sogne Fjord, but difficult availability and heavy winds have been hampering.
The vessels operating in Hardanger have so far terminated their operations.

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