The course of fishery as per week 40/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

This season’s first catches of Atlanto Scandic herring from high sea vessels, - an average week for mackerel. 

Atlanto Scandic herring
This season’s two initial catches totaling 415 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring, were taken last week by the vessel “Gambler”. The size of the herring was good; 350 g as an average taken in an area near 64̊ N 30’ and just west of 0̊, and east of the borderline to the Loop Sea/Faroese zone.
The reports we have, indicate a lot of herring in these waters, - the herring staying deep during daylight, - being more widely spread in the evening. The conditions for catching were accordingly not the best. Some Russian trawlers were observed in the area as well.

For the high sea fleet, the week has been variable as some days the weather was hampering the activities. On Friday there were no catches, while on Saturday conditions improved and on Sunday 57 catches were reported totaling 12.000 MT, including also a few minor catches taken by the costal fleet.
The mackerel is now moving south and on Sunday the catching was performed from “Aktivneset” and further northwest towards 63̊ N. As a total, 32.500 MT have been registered. The average size of the mackerel, varies from 395 – 449 g, with an average at 421 g. This comprises both catches from purse seiners and bigger coastal vessels. One vessel was into the EU zone, grid 4262 and got 150 MT by size 444 g as an average.
At the coast, there has been some activity by smaller vessels penning-in mackerel. As a total 200 MT have been penned-in. The size of the fish; 200 -360 g.
The sales have been aiming both the fresh fish market and freezing plants, and some 100 MT were sold as fresh. It is both positive and unusual to observe mackerel to the fresh fish market this late in the year.

North Sea herring
One catch of North Sea herring last week, taken by “Birkeland” reporting 590 MT of herring by size 190 g. The herring was taken by trawl, NW of Fladen.

Indirect consumption
Just modest volumes reported last week for indirect consumption. The total was 1120 MT being horse mackerel (430 MT), blue whiting (390 MT), Norway pout (170 MT) and silver smelt (130 MT). Four vessels operating along the edge, have last week reported their catches.

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