The course of fishery as per week 41/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Autumn storms are hampering the pelagic fisheries.

The autumn is clearly upon us, influencing the mackerel activities; last week came out with just 20.900 MT. The daily volume varied from 7.200 MT as the best on Thursday, while on Saturday just 390 MT were registered. Especially during the weekend, the weather has been hampering the activities.
When we are in stormy periods, the larger vessels are the very last to give up. This is reflected in how volumes are shared between different groups of vessels; purse seiners; 15.000 MT, “coastals”; 3.800 MT, trawlers; 800 MT and two foreign vessels had 1.300 MT.
The mackerel is continuously moving south, clearly indicated also by where the fishing has been carried out. Early in the week, the fleet was just 90 n.m. northwest of Stadt. Later, the vessels had good results near «Aktivneset». On Thursday, the fleet moved west again a hit a lot of mackerel some 75 n.m west off Stadt. On Sunday, there was a catch taken south of 62̊ N. In addition, a Swedish vessel and a Scotsman, have caught mackerel as far south as south of Fladen, some 75 n.m. northeast of Peterhead.
The size of the mackerel is normally decreasing as autumn proceeds, which was evident last week. The weight was from 450 -370 g, with an average at 416 g. Two weeks ago, the average was 441 g.
If we look at status, it is so far caught some 178.000 MT of this year’s quota of 234.472 MT. “Flex” included, close to 60.000 MT remain. As several vessels now have finished their quotas, the Norwegian vessels’ activity will decrease. Several foreign vessels, however, are about to start their activity.

Atlanto Scandic herring
A couple of vessels have over the week been into the Norwegian Sea chasing the Atlanto Scandic herring, and 650 MT were registered. Difficult winds - and currents, made the fishing (with purse) demanding. During daytime, the herring goes too deep, and relatively huge volumes are observed moving northeast. The size is good; 380 g as an average. As other vessels now are terminating their activity for the mackerel, they will join in for the Atlanto Scandic herring. We expect several vessels to head for operations in the Norwegian Sea in the forthcoming week. In addition, some vessels will be in activity in the Troms fjord, and further north towards “Trømsøflaket”.

North Sea herring
As was the case a week ago, last week also gave modest results. We registered three catches from two vessels - with altogether 970 MT.
All catches were taken in the EU zone, as two catches were taken in the north part of Fladen, and one catch further south, some 75 .n.m east of the Scottish coast. The herring is small; the average at 165 g.
We expect small volumes in the forthcoming week, as well.

Indirect consumption
Just modest volumes reported last week; 1.140 MT of Norway pout, 930 MT of blue whiting, 300 MT of silver smelt and 350 MT of horse mackerel.
All catches, except one catch of Norway pout taken in EU waters, were caught along the edge from west off Bømlo Island and southwards.

Ocean Sprat
One vessel has been in the southern part of the North Sea. The result was just 80 MT of ocean sprat. Following better indications, the vessel is now trying once more. Of this year’s quota of 10.000 MT, 5.400 MT still remain.

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