The course of fishery as per week 42/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The mackerel season close to being finished, while the season for Atlanto scandic herring now is well started.

Last week close to 30.000 MT were registered. Of this volume, some 13.000 MT were taken by purse seiners, 1.400 MT by trawlers, 3.100 MT by smaller vessels and 12,400 MT by foreign vessels. There was no sales as fresh catch last week.
During the week, the activity moved from an area close to “Aktivneset” and into the EU zone, south and southeast of Fair Isle. The size varied from 390 to 439 g, with an average at 412 g. The mackerel caught closer to shore is significantly smaller; 200 -270 g.
In the forthcoming week, the activity by Norwegian vessels is expected to be much lower. The quota status indicates just 15.000 MT left for the purse seiners, 4.500 MT for trawlers and some 3.000 MT left for the smaller boats. All volumes mentioned is including the assigned “flex”.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week we had the ‘real’ start for these fisheries. And even if the weather conditions were not the best, the week came out with 32.000 MT.  The activity is mainly located to the “Loop Sea” and some close areas in NEZ, just east of the borderline. The catches taken in the north part, is taken north of 66° N, and in westerly direction close to 3° W. The size of the herring is from 335 – 411 g with an average at 377 g. Information tells that single herring at weight 520 g has been observed.
Purse seiners had some 28.100 MT, trawlers 1.700 and smaller vessels; 3.000 MT.
Even if the catching is good and a lot of herring is observed, the sales are facing problems. - Two catches were delivered for meal&oil purposes. On Sunday night, as much as 13 catches were not yet sold, altogether 6.600 MT. Three catches had not been at the auction.
Whether this will improve when new minimum prices are introduced today (Monday), is yet too early to tell. Hopefully this will help off the sales.
At the coast three catches are registered. The volumes were modest; 40-50 MT each. The size in Trøndelag County was from 180-190 g, further north; 308 g.
Five vessels were catching herring in open sea just north of Tromsø and further out beyond the 200 n.m. line. A lot of herring was observed, but the size of the fish was just 200 g +. This size was observed all the way north to the Helgøy/Vannøy islands.

North Sea herring
Just one catch of North Sea herring last week; by trawl 280 MT with size at 217 g. The catch was taken in the same area as was also the mackerel catching; southeast of Fair Isle.

Indirect consumption
Fish meant for indirect consumption reached 1.500 MT last week. This was shared on 450 MT of ocean sprat, 50 MT of horse mackerel, 200 MT of blue whiting, 620 MT of Norway pout and 20 MT other species.

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