The course of the fisheries 2018 in Sildelaget

Published: by Camilla Klævold

In 2018 Norges Sildesalgslag sold more than 1.6 million MT of fish for a value of approximately 7,9 billion NOK and we a looking forward to an exciting new year

By Paul M. Oma, Managing Director, Norges Sildesalgslag

Looking back, it’s been a good year for a lot of pelagic fishermen, especially those who have delivered catches for fish meal and oil purposes.

With a total revenue of about 7,9 billion NOK our revenue increases with about 800 mill NOK compared to 2017. The revenue growth is mostly a result of the increased prices for fish meal and fish oil. The value of catches being delivered to consumption is mostly unchanged from last year.

Our volume of 1,6 mill MT is an increase with about 70.000 MT from last year and about 70% of all the fish that has been caught in Norway in 2018. One could think that handling such a volume would cause problems, but Sildelaget’s employees and their cooperation with the fishermen and buyers has ensured an efficient turnover.

Of the total volume of 1.6 mill MT the volume for direct human consumption has been reduced by 75.000 MT, but the price growth of  8% means that the total revenue remains unchanged.

In the fishmeal and fish oil sector the volume has increased by 140.000 MT, totaling up to 740.000 MT. This, including the 50% increase in prices, has caused the fish meal and oil revenue to a total of 1,74 bill NOK, a rise of 800 mill NOK.

It has been a good year in a lot of ways, but there is always room for improvement. Throughout the fall, we arranged a couple of membership meetings. Which is vital to the success of co-op such as Sildelaget. The feedback from these meeting is something we will follow up on and evolve in the coming year.

We in Sildelaget are optimists and strongly believe that 2019 is going to be a good year for our members and the pelagic industry. There is going to be a decrease in quotas for important species, but hopefully we will also experience increased prices, balancing the revenue. We are going to do what we can to ensure that 2019 is a good year.

On that note, I would like to thank our members, customers, public authorities and other partners for a good year. We look forward to an exciting 2019 with you.

On behalf of Norges Sildesalgslag I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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