The course of the fisheries as per week 18/2020:

Published: by Camilla Klævold

Great sandeel fishery and a couple of Faroe vessels ensured reports of blue whiting

The sandeel season was off to a great start this year, and the following weeks haven’t been any worse.

A total of 28.000 MT was registered in the catch journal this week (this includes a catch from a Swedish vessel). If we take a look at the same time period last year, we’ve caught twice the amount this year. The year before only 3000 MT was registered and in 2017 16.000 MT was caught.

At the beginning of the week the fishery was best around the Inner Shoal, but towards the end of the week the fishery shifted to Vestbanken (North Sea).

With the fishery being so good, multiple vessels have caught their quotas. However, we’re hoping the TAC will be increased once the results from the Institute of Marine Research’s research survey are ready.

The great fishery has caused some wait on the plants, but not of any significance.


Blue whiting/Norway pout
One Norweigan vessel caught 90 MT of blue whiting and 60 MT of Norway pout in addition to some horse mackerel and sandeel this week and another vessel caught some 70 MT of Norway pout.  Besides these catches two Faroe vessels registered 4.900 MT of blue whiting in the catch journal, which were sold to a Norwegian buyer.


Mackerel & Horse Mackerel
16 MT of mackerel was penned-in this week and sold to the fresh markets. The fishery is still relatively slow, and the buyers are somewhat non-committal because of the market situation.

The catches have been caught from Stranda in the south to Alver in the north. The size of the mackerel ranges from 250-400 gram.

In addition, a total of 70 MT of horse mackerel was caught this week, most of these catches were also penned-in. The catch areas are Tysvær, Vindafjord and Alver.

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