The course of the fisheries as per week 2/2020

Published: by Camilla Klævold

The herring fishery has been good, as has the mackerel fishery in the west – when the weather’s allowed it

Norwegian Spring-Spawning herring
A total of 22 750 MT of herring was caught the second week this year, almost everything was caught in Kvænangen and mainly by the coastal fleet. Despite poor weather along the coast this week, the weather on the fjord has mainly been good.  Thursday-Friday was the only day with poor catch conditions.

As mentioned, the coastal fleet has caught most of the volume, 4.500 MT was penned-in and 17.500 MT was direct catches.

One purse seiner caught about 750 MT and landed in Denmark.

The size of the herring has ranged from 180 grams to 280 grams, averaging to 230 grams. As the week progressed, we saw clear signs that the larger herring has started to separate from the smaller ones, something that occurs when the herrings starts to migrate out of the fjord. The migration happened at the same time last year.

Regarding the penned-in herring, only a few vessels have quotas left and it is therefore uncertain if the transport vessel currently in the area will be the last one, or if more vessels will arrive.

There’s been registered great quantities of herring in the areas north of Torsvåg. One costal vessel trawled the area and caught about 380 MT of 280 grams herring.

A purse seiner has made a lot of observations of herring while searching the Norwegian Sea, however, the herring stands to deep to be caught by seine. The weather conditions have also been challenging in Norwegian waters.

The weather has also been challenging along the coast of Norway, causing problems for vessels who were due to land further south (Ålesund) and therefore had to land at other plants. Hopefully the weather won’t interfere with the current transport vessels in transit.


The weather also affected the mackerel fleet this week, but when it finally improved in the second half a total of 17 catches and 14.400 MT were registered in the catch journal. Eight foreign vessels were responsible for about 10.000 MT.

The remaining 4.400 was caught by nine Norwegian vessels. The Norwegian fleet consists of two purse seiners, six trawlers and one coastal vessel. Everybody is fishing with trawl.

The average size ranges from 399-456 grams.

The fleet has been located North and North East of Shetland.

If the weather allows it, we’re expecting many vessels to land at Norwegian plants.


Horse Mackerel
A total of 120 MT divided by eight catches were caught this week South-West of the coast of Norway. The sizes of the catches range from 5-26 MT and the size of the fish from 450-460 grams.

One of the catches were caught by Mørekysten, five catches in the areas around Tysvær/Tysnes and two catches were caught outside of Lindås.


Two vessels have searched Skagarak for herring, without any luck.

One trawler caught 90 MT of Norway Pout for indirect consumption.



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