The course of the fisheries as per week 22/2020:

Published: by Camilla Klævold

Record breaking week on the sandeel fishery and a decent week for the herring fishery in the North Sea

A total of 37.300 MT of sandeel was registered in the catch journal this week, this is the highest volume registered in our journal since the system was implemented in 2002.

At the beginning of the week the fishery was somewhat varying, but it picked up and by Thursday the fleet was mostly gathered around Klondyke. We registered the most catches on Saturday with a total of 9.300 MT reported, and the lowest on Tuesday with only 1.900 MT reported.

As mentioned above, most of the catches were caught around Klondyke – more than 29.000 MT.

Great fishery can however lead to some wait at the plants, as all the fish needs to be delivered and produced. Apart from four catches, the vessels have landed their fish at Norwegian plants, and on Saturday there was up to three days wait to land the fish.

Not only did we have a weekly volume record this week, Gerda Marie also set a new record when they reported 2.350 MT in Thursday. This is the highest volume of sandeel delivered by a Norwegian vessel.

With this kind of fishery and capacity large volumes will be caught fast. And of this year’s quota of 250.000 MT about 92.000 MT remains.


North Sea Herring
The herring fleet got to work this week as 28 vessels; 17 purse seiners and 11 costal vessels reported catches. A total of 11.600 MT of herring was registered in the journal.

The fishery started off at Vikingbanken, but the fleet moved south towards Heimdal and Balder at the end of the week – towards the EU border. Some vessels also crossed the border, and about 1.125 MT was caught in EU waters.

The size of the herring is relatively small, ranging from 122-182 gram which gives us an average of 138 gram.

The interest from the buyers is good and the matjes production has started. So far, 2.900 MT has been sold for matjes purposes. Both the Norwegian and Danish matjes auction is up and running.

We’re expecting a decent fishery this coming week, and we hope the fishery is good in Norwegian waters. We’re also expecting more vessels to participate in the fishery.


Mackerel/Horse mackerel
The mackerel fishery took a turn for the better for the coastal fleet this week, and a total of 19 catches and 97 MT were penned-in. The weekend has been particularly good, and about 50 MT has not yet been auctioned.  

After Friday’s auction about 20 MT remained unsold and a total of 67 MT was sold for the fresh market this week. We hope that the sale picks up the coming weeks.

The mackerel has been caught in multiple areas, from Stavanger in the south to Vanylven in the north.

The size ranges from 400-500 gram.

In addition, there’s been about 32 MT of horse mackerel penned-in this week. All the catches come from Hjelmland county.


One blue whiting catch was caught in Faroe waters.

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