The course of the fisheries as per week 38/2020:

Published: by Camilla Klævold

M/S Ligrunn was first purse seiner out with mackerel catch this season, the bluefin tuna fishery has been good and there’s been more mackerel along the coast

While the fleet searched for mackerel in the North Sea, Norwegian and EU waters, a lot people in the pelagic industry paid extra attention to the AIS tracking this week. Large areas were covered, and although mackerel was found east of Shetland it had too much stomach content for production for consumption purposes. The fleet therefore left this are and kept looking.

On Sunday they found mackerel south-east of Oseberg and M/S Ligrunn got the first catch in this area. The size of the mackerel was decent, 472 gram, however, also this mackerel’s stomach contained a fair amount content. Thus, Ligrunn’s catch was both the first and only from this area and the search for mackerel continues.

On the other hand, the smaller coastal fleet has had a good mackerel catching week with 608 MT in total. The fishery has taken place from Øygarden (outside of Bergen) to Stavanger in the south.


Bluefin tuna
The tuna fishery this week has been decent, a total of seven catches, with 4-56 tunas. Most of the catches have been caught along the coast between Slaaterøy and Utvær. Sildelaget has registrered 50 MT in total so far this season.


North Sea Herring
A total of 4385 MT of herring was landed this week, 3190 MT of these from foreign vessels. Most of the volume had been used for rue production.


Ocean Sprat
Four vessels have caught a total of 1480 MT sprat south in the North Sea this week. Everything has been landed for fishmeal and -oil purposes. A remaining four vessels can sail for the ocean sprat in 2020.


The industry fleet has landed 6303 MT to fishmeal and oil purposes and the fishery is going its regular course. 2717 of sandeel, 1769 MT of blue whiting, 1328 MT of horse mackerel and 487 MT of argentine.

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