The course of the fisheries as per week 43/2019

Published: by Camilla Klævold

The Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring fishery in Kvænangen has finally started and the mackerel fishery is coming to an end

Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring:
Most of the purse seiners and the larger coastal vessels have put their focus on the Norwegian Spring-spawning fishery. And despite the bad weather last week 30.100 MT of herring was reported in the catch journal. Sunday and Monday standing out as the best days, with respectively 10.300 MT and 8.100 MT.

The fishery precedes in two areas, from Kvænangen to north of Fugløy 17.100 MT has been reported. The size of the herring from this area ranges from 170g to 315g at its highest, making the average size 273g.

The fishermen in the area reports of good access of herring north of Fugløy that draws towards land. And on Saturday the fishery really caught on outside the fjord line east of Arnøy. A few vessels who had inspectors on board also caught herring inside the fjord line and hopefully the fishery will be opened here as well.

In the second area, in the Norwegain Sea, there was caught 13.300 MT of herring. The size of the herring from this area is noticeably larger and ranges from 348-400g giving us an average weight of 379g.

The herring is located in a large area in the Norwegian Sea, mainly in Smutthavet. This weekend the distance between the fishing grounds in the south to the fishing grounds in the north has been 123 n. miles.  

This week we are expecting increased activity from the fishing grounds in the Norwegian Sea and that more buyers will start their production.

Considering that most of the Norwegian mackerel quota has been caught we are experiencing a decline in the fishery. Last week 7.500 MT were reported in the catch journal. Shetlander and Scottish vessels were responsible for the majority, 6.000 MT, of the volume. The costal fleet caught 1000 MT and the remaining 500 MT were divided between three purse seiners.

At the beginning of the week the fishery took place east of the Orkney Islands. And after a few days with poor weather foreign vessel came across mackerel east of Shetland this weekend.

The size ranges from 370g-475g, giving us an average weight of 446g.

We are hoping that the weather this week will improve so that the costal vessels who are seeking port in Shetland can secure the rest of their quotas. We are also expecting more that foreign vessels will start the fishery.

North Sea Herring:
Last week six vessels caught 1.900 MT of North Sea herring. Three of the catches has been trawled east of England, as far south as N 54⁰ 10’. The size of the herring from this area averages to 180g. The fishermen report of large volumes of herring in this area and recommends caution when trawling.

The remaining catches have been caught south-east of Shetland in EU waters and south-west of Oseberg in Norwegian waters. The size ranges from 225-280g.

As some vessels still have quotas left in the North Sea, we are expecting some activity in this area the following week.

Ocean Sprat:
From the catch journal last week we find a volume of 1.150 MT of Ocean Sprat, caught by one Norwegian vessel and one Scottish vessel. The catches have been caught in Danish water with trawl and sold for fish meal and fish oil purposes in Norway.

There’s 2.700MT remaining from this year’s quota of 10.000MT. So far 14 vessels have participated in the fishery and the last day to start sailing is set to 30th of November.

Indirect consumption
Only a couple of vessels are fishing for Norwegian Pout in EU waters and on “Kanten” in a combi fishery.

Last week six vessels reported catches of Norwegian Pout totaling up to 1.450 MT. In addition there’s been caught 130MT of horse mackerel, 140 MT of blue whiting and 60 MT of argentine.

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