The course of the fisheries as per week 43/2020

Published: by Camilla Klævold

Best week on Spring-spawning herring this week, less mackerel from the North Sea

Compared to the last three weeks it was landed significantly less mackerel this week. A total of 23.100 MT was registered in the catch journal, where Wednesday and Thursday were the best catch days with 6.400 MT and 5.300 MT caught. Purse seiners caught 16.600 MT this week, the coastal fleet 2.600 MT and the trawlers 700 MT. Three foreign vessels landed a total of 3.200 MT.

The fishery over the weekend has been affected by strong winds.

Apart from a few catches that has been caught along the coast of Norway, the mackerel has been caught in EU-waters. At the beginning of the week the fishery took place in the areas east of Sumburgh Head (south of Shetland) but it moved southeast to the areas south of Fladen grounds.

The fishermen report of varying mackerel registrations, where it periodically has been difficult to determine the mackerel’s course.

The mackerel this season has been, and still is, relatively large in size, ranging from 370-470 gram. The average size this week has been around 441 gram.

So far, a total of 183.700 MT has been caught this season and if we include the flex quota a total of 40.000 MT remains. If we estimate that around 8000 MT of the 21.388 MT flex quota is caught it will be landed around 27.500 MT from Norwegian vessels the rest of this year

We’re expecting more foreign and less Norwegian vessels to participate in the mackerel fishery in the coming weeks. Last year a total of 33.000 MT was landed from foreign vessels.

Spring-spawning herring
This week was the best week on the herring fishery so far this season with a total of 32.500 MT registered in the catch journal. Monday and Friday were the best days with 7.000 MT and 8.100 MT.

As with the mackerel, the purse seiners have also caught the most herring, with a total of 23.000 MT this week. The costal fleet caught 8.300 MT and the trawlers caught 1.200 MT.

The herring is caught from two main areas, one in the Norwegian Sea and the other outside the coast of Troms.

The fishery in the Norwegian Sea has been challenging and uneven as the herring stands deep and spread out over a large area. Yet, it’s been caught 8.600 MT from 13 catches in the Norwegian Sea. The herring in this area is large, averaging to 366 gram.

The size of the herring along the coast of Troms is somewhat smaller, averaging to 243 gram. A total of 23.900 MT was caught here this week.

The herring in this area has been more accessible and easier to catch with seine. Multiple vessels have had throws of 1000 MT.

The fishery started out south of Tromsøflaket but at the end of the week most of the catches were reported from the area 30 nm north of Andenes.

We’re still expecting a large participation in the herring fishery this coming week and hoping that the herring from the Norwegian Sea becomes more accessible. As for the herring in the north, it will be interesting to see where it sets course. Will it continue south or perhaps turn at northeast and move into Kvænangen?


North Sea herring
Three vessels have participated in the direct fishery and caught a total of 1.200 MT. The herring has been caught in EU-waters 100 nm east of Aberdeen. The size of the herring ranges from 193-214 gram.

The buyers tell us that there’s still roe in the herring, despite it being this late in the season.

Coastal Sprat
The fishery in the Sognefjord opened on Tuesday this week, but there’s only been 5 registered catches giving us a total of 50 MT. Nordfjord will open on Tuesday this week.

Sandeel/Blue whiting
A total of 2.100 MT of sandeel was caught on Fladen grounds this week, another 700 MT was caught at Kanten in Norwegian waters.

900 MT of blue whiting, 450 MT of horse mackerel and 200 MT of argentine has also been caught for industry purposes.

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