The course of the fisheries as per week 46:

Published: by Camilla Klævold

Spring-spawning herring from the Norwegian Sea and along the coast, coastal sprat from different fjords

A total of 1.188 MT of mackerel was reported from Norwegian vessels this week, an additional 505 MT was also reported from a foreign vessel. All the catches have been caught in EU-waters, east of Shetland. Only a few Norwegian vessels have enough volume left on their quotas.


Spring-spawning herring
A total of 30.366 MT of herring was registered in the catch journal this week. 12.795 MT was caught in the international area in the Norwegian Sea while the remaining volume was caught North-west of Tromsø and along the coast of Troms.

The herring from the Norwegian Sea is larger in size, averaging to 380-400 gram, while the herring from the areas around Tromsø range from 220-280 gram.

The herring in the fjords of Kvænangen and Lyngen have been about 260-280 gram. The fishery has started for those vessels under 15m who can pump the fish themselves.


Costal Sprat
This week we had four catches from three different fjords and a total of 86 MT. The fishery took place in Sognefjorden, Nordfjord and Trondheimsfjorden.

On vessel has also searched for ocean sprat, but the fishery was poor and they quit after 250 MT.


North Sea Herring
Two vessels are currently looking for North Sea herring, but they haven’t found anything catchable yet.

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