The course of the fisheries as per week 48/2019

Published: by Camilla Klævold

Despite a decline in reported volume, the activity in Kvænangen is still decent

Spring-Spawning Herring
A total of 13.150 MT of herring was registered in the catch journal this week. Of this volume, 3.485 MT was penned-in by the smaller costal fleet, 7.260 MT was caught by the larger costal fleet, a trawler caught 350 MT and two purse seiners caught a total of 1.225 MT. One purse seiner also delivered 800 MT for fish mel and fish oil purposes.

Herring caught by the costal fleet is mainly caught north in Kvænangen, Reisafjorden and Frakkfjord. The catches by the purse seiners are caught in international waters in the Norwegian Sea.

North Sea Herring
From last week’s 500 MT of North Sea herring, we’ve had an increase in volume this week. A total of 2.249 MT was registered in the catch journal. 42 MT was penned-in in Hordaland country in the areas of Austevoll, Fjell, Sund and Askøy.

749 MT, distributed between three purse seiners and four trawlers, was delivered for fish meal and oil purposes. 1.360 MT was delivered for consumption by purse seiners.

An additional catch of 53 MT remains unsold.

One purse seiner caught 830 MT of mackerel, with trawl, west of Shetland.

Costal Sprat
We had one catch of 15 MT this week, which was discarded due to poor quality.

Horse Mackerel
This week a total of eight catches were registered in the journal. The catches ranged from 2-30 MT. 15 MT was penned-in, and two catches were mixed catches for fish meal and oil purposes.

Indirect consumption
Eight catches and a total of 2.772 MT of Norway Pout were registered this week, ranging from 12-530 MT. Three out of the eight catches were mixed, containing 181 MT of blue whiting and 41 MT of Argentine.  

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