The course of the fisheries as per week 49/2019:

Published: by Camilla Klævold

Less activity in Kvænangen and sporadic catches of North Sea herring

Spring-Spawning Herring
As there were fewer vessels in activity last week we only registered 7.600 MT of spring-spawning herring in the catch journal. The entire volume was caught in the Kvænangen area and the costal vessels were responsible for the most of it, catching a total of 6.700 MT. Two purse seiners caught a total of 900 MT.

3.700 MT of the volume caught by the costal vessels was penned-in or pumped directly from the net. Five different transport vessels have transported the catches in six runs to buyers from Harøysund in the south to Senjahopen in the north.

The size of the herring caught in Kvænangen this year has been ideal for fillet production, skin-free fillet in particular. The past week the size of the herring has ranged between 185 grams to 277 grams, giving us an average of 260 grams. The larger herring has been caught in Kvænangen while the smaller herring has been caught outside the fjord line.

With less caught volume the prices have increased some and we are expecting even fewer vessels to participate in the fishery in the upcoming week.


North Sea Herring
A moderate 400 MT of North Sea herring was caught by two trawlers and one bycatch last week. The trawlers caught the herring in the North Sea, while the bycatch was a result from the costal sprat fishing in the Oslo fjord.

A couple of vessels still have quotas left and a total of 6.700 MT remains from the EU TAC.


Skipsholmen and Charisma caught a total of 1.500 MT mackerel South-West of Shetland this week. Skipsholmen caught the mackerel by seine and Charisma used trawl.

We’re not expecting any further mackerel-activity from the Norwegian fleet this year. Charisma, who were recently turned over from Karsteinsens Skibsværft might deliver another trip or two to Norway before the holiday sets.


Horse Mackerel
Six different vessels have participated in the fishery in the fjords West in Norway and caught about 110 MT of horse mackerel.

The size ranges from 420-500 grams.

Costal- and Ocean Sprat

Spæringen has caught 35 MT of large coastal sprat in the outer parts of the Oslofjord. The size has been 55 per kg and the cathes have been landed in Strømstad.

Krossøy delivered two catches, and a total of 770 MT, from the southern parts of the North Sea for consumption. The ocean sprat from this area has been relatively large with 83 and 65 per kg. One of the catches was caught in Danish sector and the other in English sector.

In addition, Cetus has caught about 200 MT with trawl in Danish sector.

The remaining quanta is now 620 MT and one vessel with a quota of 550 MT is on the fishing area North-West of Newcastle.


Indirect consumption

Tree trawlers have caught a total of 560 MT of blue whiting, 140 MT of Argentine and 130 MT of horse mackerel in Norwegian waters.

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