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Extranet for mobile user clients are meant for use off shore, and is based on and coordinated with the Extranet used on shore.  The information available is the same, but is adapted for use on mobile user clients, - such as mobile telephones. ExpandIt has excluded all the graphic elements, which means easier and faster loading. It also allows you to fetch only what is new from the last time you where logged on.

Extranet for mobile user clients contains the same information as used on shore, except statements of accounts, settlements and delivery notes.

What are the costs of use?
To make use of Expand It there is a fee. Expand It requires a specific software, and the charge is NOK 2.000,- as an "entrance fee". In addition to this there is an up keeping and upgrading fee annually set at NOK 250,- . There are no running communication costs, monthly payments or any locked-in period.

The software Expand It can be used on all types of computers.

The transfer of data to your PDA, computer or telephone is performed via the down-loadable file which is available on this page.

If you are interested in usage or access to Expand It, we request that a special form is filled in and sent to Norges Sildesalgslag, either pr. e-mail, telefax or by ordinary mail. Norges Sildesalgslag will provide you with software, - on a CD or by a down-loadable link.

Please call attention to the fact that this program is large (heavy), and that installation may be time consuming.

Installation by GSM or other unstable communication is not recommended.


Install the program sent to you by e-mail or by CD. The installation is completed after approximately 3 minutes. You will have a client ID and a password which is to be filled in during the installation. Norges Sildesalgslag points out the fact that the license is following the computer, and can only be run from the installed computer. After successful installation the computers needs to be restarted.

Usage of the program

After the installation you will have a new icon on your desktop. (picture) Click on the icon to run the program.

Every time the system is in use it is necessary to synchronize information against Norges Sildesalgslag database. This is to make sure all new information is transferred.

Synchronizing is done by pressing " SYNKRONISER" on the top right side of the menu. The duration of the synchronizations depends on how much new information is added from the last synch, - depending on the activity of the fishery and your own user frequency.

It is only the new information that is uploaded for each synch. In case the synchronization frequency is long the Extranet will provide the last 3 days of information. Press "Start" and wait until the upload is finished.

Reported catches

This is information regarding reported catches, - until the time of the synch. For updated info a new synchronization is required.


This is the administration part where the user may set access to the different communication channels. This information has to be transferred back to Norges Sildesalgslag. Synchronization from the user back to Norges Sildesalgslag is therefore required. This is done through electing a username, and make sure your contact information is correct.

When transferring data to Norges Sildesalgslag it is not necessary to receive new data or information again, so the tags "motta" data filer " can be unmarked ( Just remember to set the tag again afterwards). Then start the transfer. The information is sent to Norges Sildesalgslag, but it can take as long as 15 minutes until the changes are made.

Useful information

The Extranet contains more information than what is available on the mobile user client Expand It. Statements of accounts, settlements and delivery notes and other detailed information are accessible on the Extranet. Norges Sildesalgslag strongly recommends usage of the Extranet in addition to Expand It. This will provide the user with the best and most updated information

If you have any questions  - please contact us.