The Board

The Board is appointed by The Annual Meeting and manages all running operations of the Organisation. 

The Board determines Business Rules, Sales Regulations and appoints sales committees. The Board is responsible for all operations of these committees, and are continuously occupied by securing the Organisation's/Members' interests.

The Boards meetingplan 2017:

February 13 - 14, Bergen

March 27 - 28, Bergen

May 3, Bergen

August 28, Nederland

November 29 - 30, Bergen

The sub-committee of the Boards meetingplan  2017:

January 26, Bergen

Mars 8, Bergen

October 19, Bergen

Changes in the meetingplans may occur


Members of the board

Garvik, Jonny
President of the board
Johnsen, Jan Erik
Vice-president of the board

Purse seiner

Ytterstad, Marius
Member of the board
Veibust, Henning
Member of the board
Roaldsen, Eirin
Member of the board
Remøy, Anders
Member of the board


Svanes, Kjell
Member of the board
Nordtun, Bjarte
Member of the board


Trond Berntsen
Member of the board
Hovden, Rune
Member of the board
Gunnarsen, Jan
Member of the board

Lilletvedt, Nina
Member of the board, employee