NSS Extranet

Norges Sildesalgslag administer large amounts of information. Not only information about prices and quantity, but also contact information about our customers. The administration of data is important, and all our users and customers evaluate us in this field continuously.

New Extranet:

New app to sign notes:

Norges Sildesalgslag is aware about the level of security related to the information administered, and hence strict requirements for routines are needed. In addition to approval and authorization of all users, there are strict routines to follow when logging in to the system.

What is Extranet?
Extranet is a website adapted to the needs of the users - or a "My page" for fishermen, buyers and official control authorities.

What information can be found in Extranet?
Extranet is divided into three different levels where the routines to log in varies depending on what level the user is allowed to access.

How can I get access?
In order to get information from Extranet it is necessary to be registered and authorized as user by Norges Sildesalgslag. Procedures and necessary links for the different levels are presented below. All agreements are found in the menu to the right.

Level 1:
Access to information from your own account:
Standard Extranet access. Information about current account book, see and read own delivery notes and invoices. In a way this is the user’s own "internet bank" access with general and personal information, e.g;
• Vessel catch information
• Vessel quota information
• Settlement
• Delivery Notes
• Guarantee status
• Registration and processing of delivery notes
• Invoices

More information about this level? Se link on the right

Level 2:
This part of Extranet contains classified information and requires high level of security. Examples of information at level 2;
• Information from level 1
• Catch journal (coming auctions)
• Auction results
• Overview of bids
• Statement of account
• Market information
• Turn list
• Discrepancies
More information about level: Se link on the right
Control level:
Standard Extranet access for official control authorities (domestic and abroad). Examples of information at this level;
• Catch reports
• Delivery notes
• Discrepancies
• Auction results

To get an agreement for official control authority and declaration of non-disclosure, please send an e-mail to:
[email protected]
Extranet users are responsible for protecting the allocated password/code, and preventing unauthorized access at any time. Please contact Norges Sildesalgslag with questions on telephone +47 55 54 95 00.

Unauthorized access is to be reported to Norges Sildesalgslag immediately.
For more information we refer you to our statutes, General conditions and relevant provisions for pelagic sales.