06/01 Adjustment to the bidding areas and new auction times

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To Fishermen and Buyers


1.  Adjustments to the bidding areas related to the auction.

Referring to Circular 62/00.


After concultations with the buyers in the Ålesund area, Norges Sildesalgslag has decided to make some seasonal adjustments of the existing bidding areas.  The adjustments are as follows:


From October 1st to July 31st inclusive, the existing bidding areas 24 and 25 will constitute one area.  Therefore, during this period, the area Stadt û Harøysundet will constitute one area in the auction. 


From August 1st  to September 30th inclusive, the existing bidding areas 24 and 25 will constitute two different and independent bidding areas. Therefore, during this period, two bidding areas will exist for the area; Stadt û Liavåg (bidding area 24) and Ålesund û Harøysundet (bidding area 25)


The reason for the above mentioned adjustments is to take care of the interests of the buyers and the fishermen as far as possible.  Norges Sildesalgslag does hope that the adjustments are acceptable and that it can be implemented without any problems or inconvenience.


2.      New auctions routines as from 1st January 2001.


As from 1st January 2001 the following auction times apply:


1.         0700 û 0800            (on Sundays between 0900 û 1000)

2.                 1300 û 1400

3.                 1800 û 1900

4.                 2100 û 2200


Kindly regards



Knut Torgnes 

Roald Oen