24/01 Min. prices for herring for consumption purposes

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To Fishermen fishing

herring for consumption purposes


Bergen, 15 May 2001


The Federation of Norwegian Fishing Industry (Fiskerinæringens Landsforening) and Norges Sildesalgslag have agreed to establish the following new minimum prices:



15.05.01 û 30.06.01 1)

01.07.01 1)  -







NOK 3,10 per kg

(all sizes included)

Group I (1 û3  per kg):         NOK 3,00 per kg

Group II (3 û 5 per kg):        NOK 2,65 per kg

Group III (5 û 8 per kg):       NOK 1,60 per kg

Group IV (8 û 12 per kg):     NOK 1,25 per kg 2)


1) Norges Sildesalgslag and Fiskerinæringens Landsforening agreed that the minimum prices referred to as from 1st July, can enter into force earlier.  This might occur if there is no longer any interest for selling/buying herring for matjes purposes based on inspection prior to 1st of July.  However, these minimum prices can not enter into force before 15 of June.


2)  Herring which are smaller than 8 per kg and sorted out shall be paid by a minimum price of NOK 0,40 per kg.



The new minimum prices are applicable for all landings of herring for consumption purposes sold through Norges Sildesalgslag either the landings are taking place in Norway or outside Norway.


Fiskerinæringens Landsforening and Norges Sildesalgslag have agreed to discuss minimum prices for herring for the autumn season on 6th and 7th of August 2001.


Kindly regards




Knut Torgnes


Roald Oen