Covid-19 instruksjoner Island 2022

Publisert: av Roar Bjånesøy

Instruksjoner vedrørende Covid-19 skjema for Island

COVID19 Captain´s Declaration


Good day captain


The Icelandic Coast Guard requires declaration of potential COVID-19 infections from your vessel prior to crossing into Icelandic Exclusive Economic Zone (IEEZ) for fishing activities (as defined in NEAFC scheme, article 1).

This measure is taken due to likelihood of your ship crossing the outer boarder of Iceland, that is, the 12 NM territorial sea boarder, entering port in Iceland and/or other international interaction while in Icelandic waters during your voyage.

Furthermore all vessels arriving to Icelandic ports need to send this declaration no more than 24 hours before arriving to first port in Iceland so an updated form is requested prior to port call.

Please fill the attached form and send to [email protected] before crossing the line into IEEZ for fishing activities and an updated form no more than 24 hours before arrival in Icelandic port. 

Also note, that the electronic signature is not accepted, you need to sign it yourself and stamp it using ship´s stamp.

This information is requested due to COVID-19 pandemic and based on current regulation for entry into Iceland and for safety reasons for vessels crew and inspection agencies.

If this document has not been received, a ship may not arrive at port.

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