The course of fisheries as per week 8/2019

Towards the end of this winter’s season for herring, half of last week “blew away”. Also, the blue whiting fleet experienced lack of any “help” by weather last week.

Board decision regarding unloading

During our board meeting February 20th the board discussed the unloading of catches for fishmeal and -oil purposes and concluded with the following:

The course of fisheries as per week 7/2019

The herring has arrived at Møre, - and the first vessel with blue whiting is heading for Egersund.

Sales regulations for raw material used for fishmeal and fishoil

The specific sales regulations for 2019 are now avalible

The course of fisheries as per week 6/2019

A moderate week for Atlanto Scandic herring, better activity for the blue whiting, but no quota on capelin at Iceland - so far.

Norges Sildesalgslag to launch new EXTRANET-site during week 6

During the week og Feb 4-8, Norges Sildesalgslag will launch new EXTRANET-site for services for fishermen and buyers

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