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Assortment Details Valid from Price Next week Price unit
Mixed 01.04.24 2.4090 n/a NOK/kg
Meal & Oil 01.04.24 2.4090 n/a NOK/kg
Meal & Oil Cut 01.04.24 2.0480 n/a NOK/kg

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Catch map - Blue whiting

Blue whiting is a slender codfish that occurs in fish schools at depths of 50 - 600 meters. It is named blue whiting because the mouth cavity and gill openings are black. It is widespread along the European Atlantic coast and in the Mediterranean but is also common along the Norwegian coast.

Usage: In Norway, the fish is used for the production of meal and oil, which in turn is used as raw material in salmon feed.

Fishing gear: Purse seine, trawl, seine net

Nutritional content: A good source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins: B12 and niacin. Minerals: Selenium and phosphorus.

Blue whiting


Micromesistius poutassou

February - April

50 cm