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Assortment Details Valid from Price Next week Price unit
Meal & Oil 20.05.24 4.6400 4.7700 NOK/kg
Meal & Oil Cut 20.05.24 3.9440 4.0540 NOK/kg

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Catch map - Sandeels

Sand eel is a collective term for several species within the herring family, and it is a slender and small schooling fish. It rarely lives more than 10 years and grows up in the southeastern part of the North Sea and in the German Bight. It is less common east of the North Cape.

Usage: It is used for meal and oil, which in turn is used as fish feed.

Fishing gear: Bottom trawl

Nutritional content: Sand eel is known for its high content of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.


10 cm

Ammodytes marinus


24 cm